15 Best MSP Sales Pitches – Updated 2024

Sales Pitches of MSP

If you work for a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you’ll know that it’s not always easy to tell people what you do without confusing them or explaining in too much detail about what you do.

Just like many technical businesses, your business is complicated; you do many things from procurement, networking, helpdesk, patching and many more activities.

So, how do you talk to someone who doesn’t understand a lot about technology, but explain to them perfectly what you do?

In this blog, I’m going to explore a few ideas that other MSP’s use to pitch themselves. I don’t think this article will solve your sales elevator pitch, but it’ll help you get some ideas on how you can talk about what you do – And hopefully get more in the process!  

If you are here to find out more about building a value proposition, or you want to know the right action words… Check out a few of our earlier blogs on discovering your value.

Key elements to a great MSP sales pitch

  • Your mission – Show your passion.
  • Your focus – Use language that tells your audience on how you can make their lives better, easier or make more money.
  • Simplicity – Keep it simple, stupid! 
  • Shorter – Can you describe what you do in less than 15 words? Too many technical people forget about this.

Before we start pitching and marketing your MSP… who are you talking to?

Find out who you are talking to, not everyone will know what you are talking about. Think about how you would speak to a 13-year-old or even your mother about what you do.

Not everyone gets IT or understands what a network is. So, for this reason, I split my audiences into three types of people.

1. Business leaders – think about your c-suite, these are the people who are setting the strategy, and ultimately you want to get on their good side. They care about numbers and strategic ideas. 

They don’t care how things work, and they want to get the job done. You can assume they know a little about technology, but unless they have come from IT (think CIO/CTO), you should assume they know very little about technology.

3. Technical buyers – these people get IT and have a general idea of what you do, but they may not get everything. These people are similar to your IT managers, Solution architects, software vendors, or even a web developer. 

Just remember, they don’t know everything, but often think they do and don’t want to look bad. Be careful not to patronize them or talk too technical. Would you assume that a web developer knows everything about a helpdesk or how you keep computers up to date? They would probably switch off.  

3. Non-technical (end users) – this is your ’13-year-old’, they could be a secretary, general manager or even your mother. All they know is that you talk about computer stuff.

Ultimately your pitch should cater towards these people; if a 13-year-old can understand it, then you are on the right path.

What stage of the customer journey are they at?

For the sake of your time to read this article, let’s assume we are talking to people in the early stage. Most people you speak to won’t be in the buyer’s journey socially.

If you want to know more about writing specifically for the buyer’s journey, check out this brilliant post by the content marketing institute.

Let’s get to the MSP sales pitches… 

Alright, enough background of the content. Let’s look at some ideas of how other MSP’s pitch themselves to the market. 

Below are pitches from MSP’s we have spoken with, I may not agree with all of these pitches. I hope they save you time and help you tell the world what you do.

#15 "Networks and servers - We make all that shit work well"

#14 "We protect your business with our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. We guard against threats, keeping your data safe and your operations secure."

#13 "Anything with a computer."

#12 "24/7 IT Support. Day or night, our dedicated team is here to support you."

#11 "Our mobile-first, cloud-first Microsoft 365 services are loved by users and trusted by IT. Our Microsoft stack will allow you and your employees to work from anywhere while utilizing world-class Microsoft cloud services if you are interested in enterprise-grade IT security, analytics and document collaboration."

#10 "The way you’re running now, I make money when things go down. My goal is to do as much work as possible to get you where you want to be. You want to save as much as possible and not ever be down. We’re working against each other. This aligns our goals, so we’re both working towards you being up. If you’re down, we’re both losing money. I’m investing in you because it pays us back dividends in the form of fewer surprises."

#9 "We empower small businesses to operate efficiently and effectively through the strategic use of technology."

#8 "We partner with our clients to ensure they are using the right technology at the right time."

#7 "We help organizations align their technology support with business goals and objectives."

#6 "We are a Virtual IT Department for Small Businesses. Everything an IT Department does at a large company, we do on contract for a lot less. "

#5 "We help small and medium-sized businesses by transforming their current services from reactive to proactive and provide a modern experience that is innovative and future-ready."

#4 "Effortless Networks and Servers Management:. We ensure your networks and servers perform seamlessly, no complications involved."

#3 "Microsoft 365 for Modern Workplaces. Our Microsoft 365 solutions are designed for the modern workforce, offering secure, cloud-based productivity anywhere, anytime. Ideal for those valuing enterprise-level security and collaboration."

#2 "Strategic Tech Empowerment for Small Businesses. We enable small businesses to thrive by integrating technology solutions that streamline operations and boost effectiveness."

#1 "Your Outsourced IT Department. Think of us as your own IT department, providing everything a large corporation's IT team would, but in a cost-effective and flexible manner."

Think you can do better?

These pitches are from the market and are what real people are saying. If you think your pitch is better, please tell us in the comments below… Need help with marketing your MSP? Talk with a MSP marketing consultant today.

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