How a managed services provider can become a trusted adviser

How A Managed Services Provider Can Become A Trusted Adviser

It is not a secret that the information technology (IT) field is a complex ecosystem. As a managed services provider (MSP), you now have a golden opportunity to grow your influence in the market and expand your network.

IT business advisers can be an asset to any organisation, but there is a fine line between being intrusive and helpful. You must know how to use your experience and track record to establish yourself as a leading voice in your niche and create strategic partnerships.

What is a trusted adviser?

Trusted advisers are business consultants whose specialised knowledge and skills can be leveraged by their clients to streamline processes and align their operations with their overall business goals. IT advisers study all aspects of their client’s companies, from corporate objectives down to everyday procedures. This analysis provides the foundation of all IT-related business advice.

Technical business advisory services including cloud computing recommendations, hardware sourcing, and more, should not be given to further end goals that do not reflect a customer’s wishes. Instead, they should empower clients and prioritise their best interests.

How does becoming a trusted adviser benefit your business?

Maintaining and building trust in the workplace is essential for the success of any organisation. Trust is the glue that holds partnerships together and it is not something you can neglect.

Cementing your status as a trusted adviser for your clients can benefit your company in the following ways:

As a business owner, you cannot afford to cruise through today’s market. Instead, you need to be at the helm to ensure that your MSP is heading in a more profitable direction. 

Leveraging your expertise and becoming a trusted adviser to clients is necessary for remaining relevant and reducing the chances of losing out to a competitor.

6 steps to becoming a trusted adviser

From small businesses to globe-spanning enterprises, companies in search of a trusted adviser want to feel safe knowing that whomever they choose is credible and qualified.

While the path to becoming a trusted adviser is virtually the same for all organisations, MSPs have the added responsibility of ensuring that they have up-to-date knowledge and the equipment necessary to handle client issues.

How an MSP can become a trusted adviser:

  1. Keep your skills, technology, and credentials fresh – specialised services are highly valuable and you will appear more reputable if your advice takes advantage of today’s technology and practices.
  2. Prioritise your clients’ needs – every move you make in your partnership should revolve around your customer’s problems.
  3. Examine your clients’ organisations – you cannot offer the right advice if you do not understand who your client is and how they conduct their business.
  4. Be honest – never dissuade your clients or offer false promises. Any knowledge you share should be supported by data.
  5. Offer comprehensive advice – your suggestions and feedback should placate your clients’ worries. You should also be willing to clarify any information for more transparency and to reaffirm your expertise.
  6. Check-in regularly – reach out to your clients on a weekly or monthly basis to make sure that your advice was implemented correctly and is generating positive results.

The relationship between a trusted adviser and a client is not like a joint venture. Instead, it is a mutually beneficial, ongoing, strategic partnership that enhances organisational improvement. As such, your clients will be more willing to work with you and continue to seek your advice if you have shown integrity and relevant expertise.

Pitfalls to avoid when becoming a trusted adviser

From the supply chain to the usability of the company website, your technical knowledge must be applicable to your client’s entire organisation.

57% of companies attribute operational success to digital technologies. Your customers’ IT infrastructure is dependent on you and it is crucial that you are aware of what not to do in your journey to becoming a reliable trusted adviser.

Throughout your partnership with your clients, you should never:

IT business advisers must be vigilant when working with clients. While it can be easy to assume your customer knows what you are talking about, doing so will put you at a disadvantage and can damage your reputation.

Become a thought leader and secure valuable partnerships

IT is a crowded industry and, without the necessary preparations and strategies to keep them stable, businesses can be swallowed up by the competition. You have worked hard, and you deserve to be a trusted adviser to your current and future clients – the trick is to legitimise your credibility.

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