MSP Marketing: Why you need a digital strategy in 2024

The Importance of Having a Digital Strategy in 2024

Technology is changing the way we do business. The use of digital tools is growing exponentially every year and driving the demand for Managed Service Providers (MSP) as a result. While this is great for the industry, it brings new challenges ensuring your company stands out from the increasingly crowded MSP space. 

To get your MSP business noticed, you have to up your game when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, to ensure you’re reaching your target audience, which isn’t limited to your local area but extends to your city, state, country, or even overseas.

How do businesses use digital marketing to grow their business?

Digital marketing allows businesses to reach a global audience quickly and easily, which gives them an advantage over their competitors. MSPs who want to reach businesses in specific industries or to leverage their expert product knowledge can look outside their local area and garner a part of the market that was previously inaccessible, increasing their brand awareness into new spaces.

Additionally, digital marketing provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with customers on a personal level via digital channels. This allows businesses to build relationships with more customers and increase their sales.

A digital marketing strategy is the plan of action your MSP needs to implement to achieve your desired end goal. For example, you might have a goal to generate 20% more leads this year than you did in the previous year. To achieve this, you need a digital marketing strategy to plan how to get to that goal.

How can you use digital marketing to reach your target audience?

There are a few things that you can do to reach your target audience with digital marketing, such as:

  1. Set goals and track your progress
    Set a goal for the number of leads that you want to get from your digital marketing campaign, as well as the number of businesses that become new clients. Set business goals and track results so that you can see how effective your digital marketing campaign has been in reaching those goals. This will allow you to make adjustments to reach those goals even faster and more effectively in the future.
  1. Create a social media strategy so that it is effective and efficient
    A social media strategy is a plan that outlines how you will interact with your customers on different platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can use this strategy to figure out which social media sites are the best for reaching your target audience, as well as which platforms are most useful for interacting with them. You can also use this strategy to figure out how you will increase the number of followers that you have on each platform, as well as how you will interact with your followers on each platform to get more exposure for your MSP.
  1. Create an SEO strategy
    SEO is a strategy that involves using various keywords to increase the number of visitors to your site. The goal of this strategy is to capture the most relevant, high-quality traffic you can get to your site so it gets more exposure, as well as more leads and conversions. You can use this strategy to create optimised content that will rank higher on Google, which is the most frequently used search engine globally.
  1. Create an email marketing strategy
    Email marketing is a strategy
    that involves sending emails to potential customers to get them interested in your product or service. Email marketing might seem an old-fashioned digital marketing tool compared to Google Ads and LinkedIn, but it is still one of the most successful digital marketing methods. Email notifications can be used to nurture leads by providing value rather than selling products and services.

How do you measure the success of your digital marketing strategy?

The best way to measure the success of your digital marketing plan is by looking at all of the metrics you have set out before starting. These metrics include things like page views, traffic, and conversions. You can also look at how many people are engaging with your content marketing and social media platforms, as well as how many people are clicking on links to access more information about your business.

There are many challenges that businesses face when trying to stay ahead of the competition with digital marketing. Successful digital marketing relies heavily on understanding your brand and business value, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, and creating an innovative journey that leads to a satisfying customer experience.

Don’t have the time or expertise to create a digital marketing strategy for your business? By partnering with a specialised digital marketing agency, you benefit from their extensive marketing and sales knowledge with a well thought out digital marketing strategy. If you want to get ahead of the competition in 2023, get in touch with the LeftLeads team today.

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