MSP Marketing: Writing Content For IT Managers

Writing Content For IT Managers

At LeftLeads, we often run workshops with subject matter experts to keep up with the latest trends. While we often spend a lot of time speaking with MSP owners and sales managers, it’s also beneficial to talk with an MSP’s ideal customer.

We recently spoke with an IT manager with more than 20 years of experience in the IT Services industry and has spent time at tier-2 & Tier-1 MSPs. He’s currently working for an education provider and is supporting up to 1,400 users. We took some main points from our recent lunch and learned and thought you may be interested finding out what he said.


we live in a busy world with information overload, so IT Managers (even technical ones) prefer to receive easy-to-understand information. That also allows them to share that information internally to non-technical staff, including upwards for approvals. Ideally, try and write content with simple structures that even a 12-year-old can read.

Technical vs. non-technical IT Managers

there is a wide range of managers out there, and your content needs to speak to both. Your non-technical IT Manager is most likely from a financial background (or from within that industry) and often doesn’t appreciate what technology can do. Their relationship with technology is as a cost center, not an effort multiplier.

Security Detection and response

IT Managers are looking for an MSP to take care of the response part, not just the detection. So calling the IT Manager up at 1 am is only going to annoy them.

24/7 Security

busy IT managers don’t have time to manage updates at 3 am; they would love to save time on this tedious process. Again, automating this through endpoint management solutions is critical.

Warranty & telco management

the last thing a busy IT manager wants to do is to be on the phone for warranty or telco issues. Help them out and provide a way for them to save some time and get their life back.

Do more with less

IT managers are under pressure to cut their budgets with older technology but support more staff at the same time. These pressures mean that they are looking more towards automation solutions than ever before.

Sell your service, not the vendor’s solution

Microsoft, Citrix, Lenovo & HP all have excellent websites and content; they actively sell their solutions well, so why are you trying to sell the solution rather than the services around them? IT managers are looking for consultants, designers, implementers, and support to help Office 365, not just buy office 365.

Reporting of security breaches

this has been mandatory for a few years; however, some companies aren’t aware of this, don’t know when a breach has occurred or how/where to report it.

Budget management through cost reduction

IT Managers must make cost reductions each year and observe ways in which to automate processes based on their dashboard analytics (e.g. if they have a large number of password resets, they can automate password resets and communicate this to staff).

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