The LeftLeads Marketing Blueprint: Elevate Your MSP Services

The LeftLeads Marketing Strategy Plan

The journey to selling MSP services can often feel prolonged, ranging from two months to a staggering three years to finalise a deal.

However, the reward for such perseverance is considerable, given that an average MSP client relationship lasts between 5-8 years. Given the extended sales cycles juxtaposed with the promise of substantial rewards, it’s no wonder many MSPs seek enhanced marketing strategies to bolster their sales pipeline.

Yet, a knee-jerk reaction to this need can lead MSPs down the path of SEO, paid advertisements, and various other endeavours that, unfortunately, might not yield the desired outcomes. Even when they produce results, the lead quality might need to improve.

At LeftLeads, we deeply resonate with the complexities of MSP and MSSP markets. We understand the commitment it entails. It’s important to realise that embarking on marketing just for the sake of doing so can leave you with lukewarm outcomes.

Our commitment is not just to marketing but to the fruition of genuine, impactful results. Given our expertise in managed services, it’s only natural that we excel at delivering top-tier results.

Enter the LeftLeads Marketing Blueprint.

Our unique blueprint is a collaboratively developed strategy tailored for MSPs with an annual marketing budget exceeding $36,000. This strategy is flexible so, whether you need our team to execute it or you prefer to integrate it with your current marketing partner, the choice is yours.

What the LeftLeads Blueprint includes:

  • Customer Profiles
    • To understand not just who your clients are but what drives them. This involves segmenting your audience based on their needs, behaviour, demographics, and psychographics.
    • Outcome: A clearly defined target audience that informs and refines all marketing efforts, ensuring you’re reaching out to the people most likely to engage with and benefit from your services.
  • Value Proposition
    • Determine what sets your MSP services apart from competitors. It’s about articulating the unique benefits and value you provide.
    • Outcome: A concise statement or ideas that can be communicated across marketing platforms to draw potential customers.
  • Revamped Messaging
    • Beyond slogans or taglines – it’s about building a cohesive brand story.
    • Outcome: Consistent, relatable, and compelling brand messaging that fosters trust and encourages engagement.
  • Lead Magnets
    • Create content and tools designed to capture potential leads’ interest and contact information.
    • Outcome: A database of interested prospects who’ve engaged with your content, providing an avenue for more personalised and effective follow-up marketing.
  • Marketing Activities
    • Deploy tailored tactics to achieve specific goals, brand awareness, lead generation, and/or customer retention.
    • Outcome: Strategic actions with measurable results, ensuring optimal ROI for marketing spend. Don’t forget to track those links with UTM Tags.
  • Timeline
    • A clear roadmap ensures all marketing initiatives are well-coordinated and time bound.
    • Outcome: Clear direction, accountability, and the ability to assess progress and pivot if necessary.
  • Budget
    • Allocate resources to maximise impact while staying within financial constraints.
    • Outcome: An effective marketing campaign that respects financial boundaries while achieving key objectives.

Each of these elements is a pillar that, when effectively addressed, ensures a well-rounded and impactful marketing strategy.

For a more detailed look into the LeftLeads Marketing Blueprint, we invite you to email us at [email protected].

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