The most significant marketing myths

The Biggest Marketing Myths

When we discuss marketing services, you will notice that all of us has an opinion. Whether right or wrong, we are always judging these services. Go on and try asking someone in your office or anyone you know; you will realize that everyone gives you a different answer. However, the problem arises when you don’t know which opinion is right because after all these are all information. This information is NOT based on research, NEITHER have been tested. Most of the business owners are, unfortunately, dependent on word of mouth and personal experience. That’s why you will hear people saying that direct mail never works, or, AdWords are nothing, but a waste of money.

Not that this information never works, but the marketing services that work for one company, doesn’t mean will work for you as well. Direct mail, as some might claim to be nothing but a waste of time, might bring in a lot of customers for your business. Just because someone says that few of the marketing services don’t work for them, doesn’t mean it will never work for you either. It’s just that; you have not tried or tested them yet.

Also, many business owners become rigid about a particular marketing campaign, because it failed to bring them a business that they were expecting. The truth is, there could be an endless reason why a campaign didn’t work for them, for instance, if someone is sending an email campaign, they might have missed out on testimonial, catchy headlines, and other important elements of the direct mail campaign.

Along with these, here are three more myths related to marketing services, that you might have heard about.

  1. When it comes to selling, it is always about smooth answers and fast-talking. This is so not true. If you want to sell your product to your customer, you have to adopt the art of listening to your customers. Study your customers first and then answer. If you are not aware who your clients are, why they should avail your services, what are their fear, believes, and more, then you will fail. Marketing is more than fancy banners, websites, and brochures, it is about delivering your message in the right way, so that your prospect ends up saying that this product or service is for them.
  2. You will also encounter people saying that you are good with selling because you are born with it! Really? No one is a born salesman; you develop this talent with time and practice. Your experience in this domain, understanding from your flaws, learning from others make you better at what you do. Tiger Woods is definitely not born with golf talent. He practised and worked very hard to achieve the title of a great golfer. Yes, you can have the knowledge, but refining needs to be done with experience.
  3. You invest in selling and marketing when you run out of referrals. This is yet again, false. Here’s the thing, references will work for you towards the beginning. However, they will cease too at some point in time. To acquire new business, you must invest your time and resources on the right marketing campaign tactics. Also, marketing is more than acquiring new clients; it is also about earning loyalty from your current clients and customer base as well.

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